AJ DeDeaux Journey Starts: Uncle Dolphus, the Olympics and ChatGPT

AJ DeDeaux Journey Starts: Uncle Dolphus, the Olympics and ChatGPT

Despite struggles he faced over the past 10 years, AJ DeDeaux drew upon family heritage, perseverance and new AI powered ChatGPT technology for education and motivation to pave a new lane

Ajellon DeDeaux

July 22, 2023

J Dedeaux Journey to Success on shoulders of Uncle Dolphus and ChatGPT


The Journey Starts:  My Raw Text Story

I started the journey by entering this information about my life into ChatGPT-4.

My name is AJ, and I grew up in East Sacramento, California – Rancho Cordova. It was not the worst part of the city, but by no means the best either. There was criminal activity – drugs, gangs, and violence – along with limited resources for housing, good education, and job opportunities. Additionally, there was a lack of positive influences like fathers, mentors, and coaches. These are common ingredients found in the lower-income areas scattered around our country.

But I made it through! Not without scars, struggles, and failures, but I emerged from the jungle onto what I consider “a clear path,” or at least something that resembles one. Now, I can see through the foliage and further into the horizon. The tall peaks of my landscape are finally visible. I am stronger now, and I realize that much of that strength came from the grueling process I just endured.

The best part is that I know I’m strong enough to face whatever environment lies ahead, but, more importantly, I have the wisdom not to want to go back. Through trial and error, struggle and failure, I have gained resilience, determination, ambition, and grit. I have become patient, selective, disciplined, and intentional. I take ownership of my mistakes, accept responsibility, and acknowledge the impact of my actions on the world around me, even if I can’t see exactly how at the moment.

I’m excited at what lies ahead and am eager to embark on this next process of the journey. Now, with my confidence up and my head held high I’m sorting out which tall peak I want to conquer next, that I made it out of the jungle.

Assistance from My Mentor, Uncle Dolphus and ChatGPT

Next, I shared this with my mentor for review and discussion.  We agreed to first look at examples of leading, reputable journals such as the New York Times, The American Enterprise Institute, and The Atlantic. I learned how these publications use Title, Subtitle, Author’s Name and Date along with a photo or other image file to get the attention of people and search algorithms.

With this information and my interest in the inspiring story of my great-great-uncle Kelley Dolphus Stroud, I drafted details on Dolphus’ life and achievements.  An finally created an article title and subtitle before I re-prompted ChatGPT to assist me.

Shared Struggles and Success: AJ & Dolphus Connect

And as I stand here, looking out over the horizon, I feel a deep connection to my great-great-uncle Dolphus Stroud. You see, Uncle Dolphus too was born into a challenging environment. He was a young black man in the 1920s, first generation out of slavery. His father, KD, was born and raised on a Texas slave plantation. Uncle Dolphus lived in a time when the color of his skin meant he faced discrimination, the threat of lynching, and rampant racism. Yet, he did not let these challenges determine his fate.

Despite the daunting obstacles he faced, Uncle Dolphus chose education as his path to freedom. He became a Phi Beta Kappa scholar athlete, an honor society that recognizes academic achievement and promotes personal freedom through cultivation of learning. Uncle Dolphus had the opportunity to attend Harvard, a prestigious institution that would have been unthinkable for his father’s generation. Instead, he chose Colorado College, a decision that took him farther away from the world he knew, but closer to the future he envisioned.

But Uncle Dolphus wasn’t just a scholar, he was an athlete too. He had a natural talent for track and field, a talent that took him all the way to the 1928 Olympic Trials at Harvard Stadium. He won the Rocky Mountain region Olympic tryouts, proving that he was more than capable of competing at the highest level.

Uncle Dolphus’ journey is a testament to the power of determination and the transformational power of education. He used education as a weapon to break through the barriers of racism and discrimination, paving the way for future generations, like myself, to walk a little more freely.

Paving My Own Lane: Continuing the Legacy

Today, I find myself drawing upon Uncle Dolphus’ legacy as I navigate my own path. I may not be facing the same obstacles he did, but the challenges I have encountered in East Sacramento have shaped me, just as the trials of the 1920s shaped Uncle Dolphus. My struggles, much like his, have not deterred me, but rather have fueled my resilience and ambition. I too have turned to education as my pathway to a better future.

However, unlike Uncle Dolphus, my education is not limited to the four walls of a school or the confines of a library. Today, I have access to AI-powered technology like ChatGPT that helps me navigate the vast sea of knowledge available on the internet. This technology allows me to learn, grow, and connect in ways that Uncle Dolphus could never have imagined.

ChatGPT is not just a tool for learning, but also a source of motivation. It shows me that even though the world is constantly changing, the drive to learn and grow remains a constant. It reminds me that no matter the obstacles I face, I have the power to overcome them, just like Uncle Dolphus did almost a century ago.

As I stand on the shoulders of Uncle Dolphus, looking out over the horizon, I am filled with hope and excitement for the future. I am ready to take on new challenges, armed with the knowledge and courage I have inherited from my great-great-uncle, and the innovative tools I have at my disposal. Uncle Dolphus’ legacy lives on in me, as I continue his journey of learning and growth, carving out my own path of resilience and success.

Just as Uncle Dolphus left his mark on the world, I too hope to leave a lasting legacy. A legacy that shows that regardless of where you come from, or the challenges you face, with determination, education, and the right tools, you can carve out your own path and overcome any obstacle in your way.