Joseph Stroud
Entrepreneur, Job Creator, Real Estate Developer; Television and Telecommunications Business Visionary, Family Mentor, Community Leader, Philanthropist

Joseph Stroud and Family with President Bill Clinton Stroud Family Colorado
Joseph Stroud and Family with President Bill Clinton Stroud Family Colorado

Joseph Stroud
Entrepreneur, Job Creator, Real Estate Developer; Television and Telecommunications Business Visionary, Family Mentor, Community Leader, Philanthropist


Joseph A. Stroud

Joe Stroud’s remarkable journey in the business world is a reflection of his commitment to lifelong learning and adaptability, encompassing a deep understanding of the telecommunications and broadcasting industries, artificial intelligence, and their implications for strategic decisions within the context of market trends and geopolitical forces. His success is not only a reflection of his business acumen but also his ability to integrate emerging technologies and insights into his ventures.

Joseph A. Stroud is a Chicago-based entrepreneur whose ventures span across the television broadcasting and telecommunications sectors. As the founder of TelUSA and a current board member, he has played a pivotal role in shaping the telecommunications landscape. He also holds the position of founder and President of Jovon Broadcasting Corporation, which owns, operates, and is the FCC licensee of television station WJYS (TV) in Hammond, Indiana, catering to the Chicago, Illinois market.

In 1986, Stroud’s firm was granted a permit by the Federal Communications Commission to construct the television facility, a project he meticulously oversaw through its commencement on March 2, 1991. His leadership extends to First United, Inc., where as President and owner-operator, he manages a Class A television station broadcasting from the iconic Sears Tower (now the Willis Tower) in downtown Chicago, ensuring coverage across the Chicago area.

Stroud’s entrepreneurial spirit was further demonstrated when he chaired and owned Telephone USA Investments, Inc., with investments in Telephone USA of Wisconsin, LLC, a rural local exchange carrier. 

His journey began with a degree from San Jose State University, followed by a significant role in public service as the Neighborhood Youth Corps Director for Solano County Economic Opportunity Council. Here, he founded and directed New Youth Campus, an accredited alternative high school. His subsequent roles, including Chief of Manpower Services for the Comprehensive Employment Training Act Program, showcase his dedication to community development and employment initiatives.

Transitioning from public service to private enterprise, Stroud ventured into real estate in Oakland, demonstrating his versatility and entrepreneurial flair. His successful foray into the restaurant business further underscores his diverse business interests and acumen.

Stroud’s commitment extends beyond business to significant philanthropic efforts, contributing to the Jefferson Trust, the Democratic National Committee, and the South Side YMCA in Chicago. His trusteeship at the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library and active engagement in communications policy discussions in Washington, D.C., reflect his deep involvement in national affairs. Additionally, he has both led and supported White House policies  arranged to improve the conditions of the populations of Africa. He has arranged partnerships for business executives seeking relationships in South Africa, meeting with Nelson Mandela.

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Honored with an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Humane Letters from Chicago State University, Stroud’s contributions to society and the business world are widely recognized. His life story, from his roots in Colorado Springs, CO, to becoming a linchpin in America’s business and philanthropic landscapes, is inspirational. His leadership in real estate, broadcasting, and telephony, coupled with his philanthropic endeavors, highlights a legacy of innovation, mentorship, and community support.

Joseph Stroud’s narrative is one of enduring success, lifelong learning, and profound impact, embodying the spirit of innovation and dedication to both business excellence and societal contribution.


Joseph Stroud

Joseph Stroud. Businessman, Philanthropist, Varsity Wrestler, San Jose State University Graduate

Joseph Stroud (1941 – ), the son of Tandy Stroud and Bernice Williams, was born in Colorado Springs, CO. He has become one of the most successful businessmen in America, amassing wealth in real estate, broadcasting, and telephony. Mr. Stroud’s philanthropic efforts have included supporting President William J. Clinton and his Presidential Library, as well as policies impacting healthcare, climate change, and childhood obesity.


Brief Biography of Joseph Stroud

Joe Stroud was born in the 1940s in Colorado Springs, Colorado. His father, Tandy Stroud, relocated the family from Colorado to Hayward, CA, near San Francisco, during Joe’s early childhood. In high school, Joe was a competitive wrestler, class president, and entrepreneur. During his college years at San Jose State University, he managed real estate operations for the university’s African American athletes. He later leveraged this experience into a multimillion-dollar real estate enterprise.

With the profits from real estate, Mr. Stroud acquired television broadcasting frequency and a high-power antenna atop the Sears Tower (now Willis Tower) in Chicago. He also commenced operations in Tinley Park, Illinois, and installed a lower-power television antenna. Joe subsequently invested in ownership stakes in the rural telephone industry.

As highlighted in his LinkedIn profile, Joe Stroud’s charitable activities include support for the William J. Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Arkansas. His contributions have been directed towards library operations, irrespective of political belief or affiliation.

His profile concludes, “In addition, through the Clinton Foundation, Joseph Stroud has contributed to projects such as reducing childhood obesity, researching global warming, and enhancing healthcare in the developing world.”


Family & History

Joseph Stroud is the sixth of ten children born to Tandy and Bernice (Williams) Stroud of Colorado Springs. Joe is the grandson of Rev. K.D. and Lulu (Magee) Stroud, who arrived in Colorado from Oklahoma in 1910.

Joe married Yvonne Faddis, a member of the renowned Faddis family of classically-trained musicians. Yvonne’s brother, Jon Faddis, a trumpeter, has played with many of the jazz greats and was once a protégé of Dizzie Gillespie.

Yvonne began playing the piano at the age of three and has since created Yvonne’s Piano YouTube channel.

Joe and Yvonne had three children, Vonesca, Amber and Joseph, Jr. Amber and Vonesca manage the Stroud Foundation.

Jon Faddis Jazz Orchestra Of New York: Live In Washington, D.C.

Jon Faddis

Summary of Achievements

  • Lifelong marriage to Yvonne Faddis, enriching their lives through a shared commitment to family and the arts.
  • Proud father of three children: Vonesca, Amber, and Joseph, Jr., with Amber and Vonesca playing pivotal roles in managing the Stroud Foundation.
  • Founded and developed multiple successful businesses in real estate, broadcasting, and telephony, demonstrating exceptional entrepreneurial skills.
  • Significant contributions to philanthropy, including support for the William J. Clinton Presidential Library and initiatives addressing healthcare, climate change, and childhood obesity.
  • Acquired and utilized a high-power antenna atop the Sears Tower for television broadcasting, expanding his influence in the broadcasting industry.
  • Invested in the rural telephone industry, showcasing his ability to diversify his business interests and contribute to technological advancements in telecommunications.
  • Supporter and financial underwriter for countless family events, medical research, care for family members; also supporter of this website the upcoming family documentary film, “Running to Harvard” and RACE the Opera.