Leisha Stroud

Leisha Stroud.


My name is Leisha Stroud, descendant of Kimball Dolphus (K.D.) and Lulu Magee Stroud. My grandfather is Tandy Stroud (son of Kimball and Lulu) and my father is William (Gino) Stroud (Tandy’s Son) who married my mother, Bessie Karlene Stroud in San Jose California in 1957.

I am forever grateful for my grandparents, my mother, father, aunts, and uncles who instilled the importance of family first and the value of pride. My Stroud ancestors taught me that I can be the best and be whatever I want to be even President of the United States. Although my aspirations are always extremely ambitious; for now, I will settle for President of my own company, Unireal Property Management, LLC.

I am a native of California and my career blossomed in the financial industry of a Fortune 500 company where I mastered workflow processes, reinsurance, and the ability to supervise multiple teams. My enthusiastic personality and high energy bring the quality of an effective leader as demonstrated by my career of over 10 years of supervisor experience in HR, Actuarial, IT, and Legal departments within large corporations.

I accepted a retirement package from Transamerica Life Insurance; received my Microsoft Engineering Certificates and re-located to the mid-west where I began investing in Real Estate part time and worked in the IT industry in Identity Access Management and Network Security for the McDonald’s Corporation, ACS, Xerox and AON. My dedication and resilience are demonstrated by my ability to train and supervise diverse multicultural teams across multiple countries including China, India, Mexico and the USA. I will utilize my life management skills and family values I learned to devote the compassion I have for uniting family and equality and unity for all.