Linda Stroud Potts

Linda Karlene Stroud Potts

Linda Karlene Stroud Potts: Foreman, District Chairman, Minister, Cal State Grad, and Proud Wife, Mother and Grandmother.


My name is Linda Karlene Stroud Potts descendant of Kelly Dolphus (KD) and Lulu McGee Stroud. My grandfather is Tandy Stroud Son of (Kimball and Lulu). My grandmother is Berneice Williams Stroud. My father is William Franklin Stroud aka Gino(deceased) one of the twin brothers. My  mother is Bessie Karlene Garrison Stroud.

I am the eldest of Five females. Lauren Darlene, Leslie Charlene, Lois Arlene; and Leisha Marlene are my siblings.

During my life I have been a daughter, a sister, a mother, a cousin, a grandmother, a railroad worker, an aunt, a student, a teacher, a wife and a minister.

I was a single parent but through the help of my family and church family, Crusade Christian Faith Center, I raised my only son Joshua Stroud who is now a father of seven children. Devinee Kayleen; Issa Caleb; Micaiah Solomon; Corrrine Audryna; Lydia Brooklyn,;Josiah Brody; and Nevaeh Janell Stroud

As a Black woman I have blazed some trails and experienced being first. For example, when working for Amtrak(1980 -2000) in an industry  dominated by men. I was the first Black Woman to go through the Electrical Apprenticeship Program,  to become a Foreman, and an Assistant Conductor in Los Angeles, CA.

Additionally, I was the District Chairman of TCU, the Clerical Union of Amtrak, for four years prior to going into the Electrical Apprenticeship program.

In 2005, I married Joseph A. Potts and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Cal State Dominguez Hills in Carson, CA. I was ordained as a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ by Pastor Henry Smith and Bishop Virgil Patterson of Inglewood, CA.

My first job was selling candy in my father’s business at the age of eleven. I retired as a Special Education teacher at Manual Arts High School, Los Angeles Unified School District at the age of 55. My husband  and I relocated to Eugene, Oregon.

In Eugene I worked for Lane Education Service District, as a Teaching Assistant in the Life Skills Program. As a substitute in three other school districts and a Life Skills teacher in an Elementary school.

For a time, I volunteered as an exercise leader for the women at the Eugene Mission and opened our church Powerhouse Worship Center. for prayer everyday at noon.

I am currently an Elder on the ministerial staff, the church communicator, a member of the mission planning team, and over the ushers and greeters.

As our nation is experiencing the COVID19 virus; the realization of racial injustice; political changes and uncertainties; and the economic declines of 2020; definitely an unprecedented  time in the history of the world. I believe God, El Elyon, our Abba Father has given us time to self search, reflect, get our lives together, and to put Him first.