Trudy Shines Morgan

Trudy Shines Morgan

Trudy Shines-Morgan. SIFE Scholar. Chico State University Graduate. Proud Mother and Grandmother


Trudy Shines-Morgan

Hi, my name is Trudy Shines-Morgan, my brother is Frank Shines – the designer of our family website, together we are descendants of Kimball Dolphus (K.D) and Lulu Magee Stroud. Our grandfather was Tandy Stroud
(son of Kimball and Lulu) and my mother was Vanessa Juanita Stroud (Tandy’s daughter) who married our father, Franklin Pierce Shines, Sr.

I am the eldest of Vanessa’s six children; we were all taken away from mom when I was 11; my brother and I were fortunate enough to be cared for by our dad from that time forward – we know had it not been for our dad, our lives would have turned out very different.

The twins, Arlene and Darlene were in and out of fosters homes from the age of 6 and passed away before they were 30 years old. We did not have the opportunity to grow up and get to know Margaret Jones nor the little boy, Sanchez; they were up adopted and we have not heard from them.

I am so very grateful for the strong foundation that was handed down to me despite our trials and tribulations. I learned to never ever give up, always be learning – get an education, that I can BE, DO, and HAVE whatever I want in life; so don’t ever let anyone hold you down.

Special thanks and love to my Auntie Darlene (my mom’s younger sister) – she saw the real me and always talked to me as an equal, she helped me to walk tall, and without even knowing it, she shared with me her contagious energy of light, laughter, music, and fun.

I, was a single mom but I never gave up; I graduated with honors when I obtained my AA in Business Administration with an emphasis in Technology I attended school and graduated by the time my two boys, Ajellon and Granison were 5 and 6 years old, in South Lake Tahoe, California.

I went back to school at age 31 and Studied to obtain a BS in Business Administration, Management Information Systems (MIS) at Chico State. During my time at Chico State, I became a SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) Scholar, mentor, and teacher. I helped at risk student complete work assignments, develop and take action on creative ways to earn money for school projects. I also mentored and shared technology with Adults returning to the work force. In addition I was the team mediator for our award winning International Championship Presentation on Service Learning.

During the summer months at Chico State College, I taught and mentored at risk students to work as a team, brainstorm, and come up with a products to market. I helped these students create a Business Plan, learn Microsoft Office tools, learn accounting, economics, and then use the skills learned to create their own unique Power Point and present before a panel of community business owners to obtain awards and cash prizes. My teams always obtained one of the first top prizes/awards.